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 Site Specific FAQ - Please Read!

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PostSubject: Site Specific FAQ - Please Read!    Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:02 pm

Forum Motion provides us with a basic FAQ list that covers most of the general nuances. However, I have updated the FAQ list with several DramaVille specific questions that you may want answered.

I will list these questions and answers here:

Who are the moderators and administrators of DramaVille forums?
The Administrator, or Admin, is Clonehunter. He runs the sight. His name is colored Red. The site has two moderators. They are Into The Sky and City. They moderate the forums. Their names are colored Green. PseudoRarity is the "Site Mascot." His only power is over that of the Site Mascot user group. His name is Pink.

Why was I banned from posting?
If you were banned from posting or creating topics, it is because a moderator or administrator found you breaking the site rules in a way that warranted a ban. Bans are usually temporary, so if that's the case be patient. You'll be able to post at a later time once your punishment is fulfilled. If the ban was permanent. then there is no coming back.

What are Contest Winners?
Contest Winners are, as the name implies, the winners of contests that are held on the forums. As a reward, Contest Winners have their names changed to the color Blue, and their rank title is replaced with information as too what contest they won. The colored usernames revert back to the default color One Month after the award is bestowed. However, the custom rank titles remain in place forever.

Seriously, what does the Site Mascot do?
The Site Mascot lords over the Site Mascot group. That's it. It's a special reward rank for an early, active member.

What are Drama Points?
For most forums, creating a new thread or posting in an existing one will garner you Drama Points. These points can also be earned via the Reputation system, the friends list, and the use of profile messages. Drama Points do absolutely nothing for you. It's essentially ego.
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Site Specific FAQ - Please Read!
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