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 Welcome to the Story Center - Board Specific Rules, please read!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Story Center - Board Specific Rules, please read!   Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:05 pm

Welcome to the Story Center! The purpose of this board is to share stories that either you have written, or ones you would simply like to share. However, we have a couple of extra rules that apply to this board. Please read them carefully so we don't have too many problems.

How to make a thread with YOUR own story.

Congratulations! You have just written a short story/novella/novel/Battlefield Earth sized epic and you are ready to share it with your peers at DramaVille! However, in order to help those peers, we ask you follow a few simple steps, and check out a couple of tips.

1) The Thread Title - Part 1: The title of the thread should be your story, followed by the author. So, if you are Xx_JoeBloggs_xX, your thread title will look like: "Awesome Story" by Xx_JoeBloggs_xX.

2) The Thread Title - Part 2: If the story contains material that can be considered to be unsafe for work, please put [NSFW] (with brackets) in front of the tread title. This way users can discern what they will be getting into before they get into it.

3) Plagiarism: Plagiarism is strictly against the rules here. If the story you are sharing is not yours, then you must provide an external link to it, and the author's name in both the thread title (as outlined above) and in the post content. If you try to claim work that isn't yours as your own, the thread will be moved to the Idiot Box, the story content will be removed, and you will be Perma-Banned.

4) Sharing the Story: How do you share your story? If you want, you can post the entire story in your post, if it isn't inanely long. However, you can split it up into multiple posts. We ask that you at least space your paragraphs evenly, because a large block of text would be difficult to mentally process. However, sharing a link to Google Docs, WordPress, or Watt Pad is also acceptable. In fact, it's preferred!

How to make a thread with a story you FOUND.

You just found a really cool story somewhere on the net and you want to share it with your peers! Because this isn't your material, you have to be careful.

1) The Thread Title - Part 1: When you find a story and post it, the thread title needs to read like "Super Awesome Story" by Author. If the author is unknown, use the term "Anonymous." If the title is unknown, do not make up your own title. Instead, just call it "Untitled." As such, if the story title and author are both unknown, the thread title should read "Untitled" by Anonymous.

2) The Thread Title - Part 2: Just like when posting your own story, label the story as [NSFW] if applicable. As such, the title should look like [NSFW] "50 Shades of my Father" by Smutty_Incest_Dan.

3) Plagiarism: Plagiarism is strictly against the rules here. When sharing a story that isn't yours, it must be presented with an external link that leads to the story's source. The title and the author of the story must be traced back to the link. Do not make up titles or author names, and most importantly, DO NOT CLAIM SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK AS YOUR OWN.

4) Sharing the Story: As mentioned above, share stories that are not your own by providing an external link to the story.

(This rules set is an unfinished work in progress. Stay tuned for updates as I build this forum section)
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Welcome to the Story Center - Board Specific Rules, please read!
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